Thursday, October 17

Welcome Home!

Dear Friends,

Where is home for you?  Maybe home is the house where you grew up.  Maybe it's spending time with family and close friends. Maybe home is something more elusive for you but there are those places where you find strength, peace, or a sense of belonging, if even for a short time.  Home is complicated.  None of us grew up in a perfect home but we have images of what home is and means, and we long for it.

As our 60th Anniversary Celebration approaches (Sunday October 27th @ 9:30 AM), there are many people planning to attend who see St. Andrew's as their spiritual home, a place of confirmation, marriage, family baptisms, and funerals.  A place that was there in every age and stage of children's lives, a special place in the Audubon community.  However, there are also many of the St. Andrew's faithful who did not grow up here, who don't know a lot of familiar faces, and maybe just feel like they are passing through.  We all have a place in this special celebration, whether we are giving thanks for the past or praying for a promising future together.  We all have a place as we gather around Word and Sacrament, joyous music, and inspiring preaching from our Bishop.

So whether you have been here awhile or have been wandering, welcome home!  Whether you are lonely, lost, happy, or confident, welcome home!  Whether you are doubting, believing, hoping or despairing, welcome home!  Come as you are anytime.  Through ordinary people and imperfect surroundings, I trust that you will experience the grace and forgiveness that only Christ can bring.

From this spiritual home, we will be sent out to be love in the world. Sometimes the world will fill us with joy and at other times will leave us feeling bruised and battered.  Through it all, may you hear Christ's voice calling you home.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mueller


Tuesday, October 8

Bringing Generations Together

Dear Friends,

At our 11:00 Worship this past week, children from our Celeste Choir joined with our Sanctuary Choir in the singing of  "All God's Children by composer Sally Albrecht.  The blending of voices and tunes in this piece served as a reminder of a couple of things in our life together.

First of all, our lives are so much richer when hands and hearts and voices of multiple ages are brought together.  We already see how true this is in our Music Program, in Christian Education, and in our volunteer teams that support our worship life together.  How many other opportunities might there be to develop mentoring programs, partnerships in service projects between youth and seniors, and incorporating our children and youth even more in worship leadership?  Secondly, our children are not simply the future of the church but a very important part of our present, blessing us with their voices, enthusiasm, creativity,  curiosity and love.

We look forward to bringing the generations together in a powerful way in worship as we gather to celebrate our 60th Anniversary as a congregation on Sunday October 27th  @ 9:30 AM.  (Only one service this day although there will still be a small gathering on Saturday evening @ 5 PM for those unable to attend the Anniversary Celebration)  This day will include music from God's children of all ages, festive brass, a reunion of former staff, and Bishop Davenport from our Southeastern PA Synod as our guest preacher.

Please sign up for the light reception following worship this morning using the sheet on the narthex bulletin board or by contacting the church office.  Also, begin to invite family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and former members for this very special day.

Thank you for your commitment to Christ, St. Andrew's Church, and our community.  Between, some very moving moments in worship, a wonderful  afternoon blessing animals, some fun youth events,great opportunities to help our neighbors in need,  our small groups well underway for the fall, and confirmation starting last night,  we are off to a great year in mission.  Thank you for your support and your prayers.  See you in church!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Mueller

Tuesday, September 24

September 29th - Blessing of the Animals

 Blessing of Animals this Sunday September 29 @ 12:30 in outdoor chapel area across parking lot from church upper entrance (weather permitting) - part of our remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi.

  Bring your safe and well mannered (relatively speaking!) pets and join us this Sunday.   There is plenty of space to spread out with your pets if they are not as social and to walk afterwards.  This time together following a brief opening of scripture and prayer may include individual conversation, prayer, and blessing as well as photo ops.  Our dog friends will also receive, according to wishes of their owners,  lots of love and attention from Pastor and our youth. This is also a great opportunity to meet new people in the community and some very special members of their family. – small animals should be in containers / cages and dogs should be leashed.  Also, we will be collecting donations of dog and cat food for Daily Bread Food Pantry. Even if you cannot stay for the Blessing, there will be a box for pet food donations in the narthex (lobby) that morning.   See you Sunday!


Monday, September 9

Coming Up In Adult Education

THIS FALL ON SUNDAY MORNINGS (AT 9:30 AM – (beginning this Sunday)

"Simon Says" ~ The Journey of Simon Peter (meets downstairs in Jerusalem Room)

This video / discussion series looks at the life and ministry of this faithful but flawed disciple who teaches us much about being a disciple but also about what it means to be very human. 

Wired Word (meets upstairs in Daniel's Den) 

Each week a group will gather for a guided devotion and discussion at the intersection of current events, scripture, and our faith journey and experience.

 Looking ahead to November… 

Honoring our Neighbor's Faith Part 2 Outside the Mainstream (meeting downstairs in Jerusalem Room)

Continuing our overview of beliefs, practices, and piety of our brothers and sisters, we move on from mainstream Christian groups to communities on the fringes of Christian faith (including Quakers and Mormons) but play a role in our nation and culture. 

The Bible Tells Me So (meeting upstairs in Daniel's Den) 

An honest and sometimes humorous look at the messy, troubling, and weird book we call the Bible, letting go of the need to protect or defend it, and embracing it as it is as people of faith with many questions. Perhaps when we let the Bible be the Bible rather than what we expect it ought to be, or need it to be, we will find a deeper faith in the process.


Men's Breakfast – Beginning on October 5, meets on the first Saturday of the month at
7:30 AM at Keystone Grill (on Ridge Pike near Toscos) for a hot breakfast, alongside
group conversation and laughter, as well as discussion connected to our faith and daily

Women's Breakfast – same time and location on the third Saturday of each month

Lunch Bunch – meets on Thursdays (begins this week) at noontime downstairs
in St. Andrew's Hall. Most weeks we dig a little deeper into the assigned texts that will
be proclaimed on Sunday at worship. We provide printed copies of the readings, coffee,
and occasional snacks. You are welcome to bring a bagged lunch and, should you desire,
a bible of your choice.

Tuesday, September 3

9:30 Worship for One More Sunday (Saturday Worship Begins)

September 7th & 8th
Kick-Off Weekend
Fall Worship Schedule Begins

Weekly Saturday Worship at 5:00 pm.

We return to our weekly service of Holy
Communion for the upcoming program year.  
This service is more intimate and a little less formal with more spoken liturgy and monthly appearances by our acoustic group, Soulful Strings. We always look forward to Saturdays
when they lead us in worship. Holy Communion is always offered on Saturday nights. As we begin a new program year together, think about family members, friends, co-workers,
and neighbors who could benefit from Saturday worship, especially those who have work or sports on Sunday and need a Sabbath with the Word. Also, think about those who may have medical issues that make mornings difficult or those who are returning to the church and
looking for something different. Growth opportunities abound.

9:30a.m. ~ Kick-Off Sunday
"Building Our Faith"

A simple but celebrative worship gathering, including songs with our Sunday School children and times of blessing for our children and teachers as we start a new year of  building together. Please make every effort to be with us this day as we will set the tone for much that awaits us in an exciting year ahead. Following
worship the young and the young at heart are nvited to join us for soft pretzels and water ice! Come join us as we reconnect at the end of summer and rejoice in God's abundant gifts in
our lives.

8:15 & 11 AM Worship resumes September 15th