Monday, November 20

Thanksgiving Greetings

Dear Friends,

As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving Day and the weekend ahead, I want to wish you a truly blessed celebration.  Many of you will be gathering with loved ones and, while likely eating way too much food (Enjoy!),  offering thanks for God's abundant blessings.  May your joy be full and overflowing this Thursday and throughout the holiday season ahead.

However, let us also remember that there will be others for whom this festive season will not be experienced with the joy of abundance, nor surrounded by family and friends.  Many thanks to those of you who continue to reach out to bless the homeless and hungry of our communities at Thanksgiving and throughout the year to make a difference in lives that are hurting.

The weeks ahead can also be a time of great sorrow for those who are grieving the death of a loved one.  Take time to reach out to those experiencing loss, honoring boundaries and their desire to take a step back from festivities when needed, but reminding them that they are not alone.  

The Advent season in the life of the church is one of both contemplation and joy, sorrow and hope, darkness and light   as we wait with tenacity and hope for the coming of Christ in history, mystery, and majesty.

For those of you who are traveling this weekend, may your travels be safe. Blessings in this time of watching, waiting, and giving thanks.

(Remember that there is no Saturday worship this weekend.  We resume on Saturday December 2 at 5 PM)


Pastor Mueller

Tuesday, October 24

Seeking Your Support

Dear Friends, 

Our capital campaign is now underway.  We want to extend our thanks to those of you who participated in campaign receptions, have engaged in conversations with me and other leaders about this exciting initiative, and those of you who have already submitted your pledges for this three year process of gathering support for our building renovation and expansion.  Your support and prayers are a tremendous source of encouragement and as we move forward in faith.

"Grounded in Faith, Growing In Service" is both the theme for our capital campaign and how we are growing to understand ourselves as a faith community.  This campaign is a process that seeks to involve the whole congregation in a focused time of inspiration and reflection on who God is calling us to be as a congregation as well as who God is calling us to be in our daily lives.  This process is about more than enlarging and renovating our facilities.  It is about our mission as God's people to build a loving and caring church who will serve for and with this surrounding community for generations to come. It is also about honoring the commitment of those who have provided for our church through the years while ensuring a bright future for the people and mission of St. Andrew's Church.

Pledge cards will be in abundance as we gather for our Reformation Sunday celebration.  A box will be available to submit those pledges on Sunday and that box will remain in the narthex for a couple more weeks for those of you who need time for prayer and discernment with family as you determine your level of commitment.

We need the support of the entire congregation to ensure the success of this project. Prayerfully consider what you can donate to this cause, what you might be able to sacrifice in your lifestyle (snacks, extra coffee, eating out, where you watch movies, what type of vacation) to increase your gift.  Finally ask yourself, what are your deepest wishes and desires for the future of St. Andrew's as we extend Christ's presence and promises to our community and world?  Come join us to make this vision possible and give thanks for God's many blessings in our lives.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Mueller

Monday, October 9

Grounded and Growing

Just as our highways are carefully constructed, maintained, and adapted for future generations, so we must consider how we adapt our mission center, use current technology, welcome the gifts and talents of newer members, and discover fresh expressions of the Gospel in worship. 
As we prepare for the renovation and expansion of our building, we seek to remove many barriers with a full elevator, an enlarged narthex and chancel, larger and more accessible rest rooms on both levels, a drop off area at main entrance, increased handicapped parking, improved safety and security for our Sunday School and pre-school, and a new designated hospitality area (and expansion off current narthex) for the congregation and community. 
Adaptations along the way might not only open the eyes and ears and hearts of younger generations and newer members to the Gospel and the blessings of Christian community but also may open us up to the kingdom of God in ways we haven’t known before.  Pray for the leadership and faithful servants of St. Andrew's as we face this exciting road ahead together.  For more information go to

Tuesday, October 3

Prayer for Las Vegas

God, our refuge and strength, we pray for all affected by the shootings in Las Vegas and we grieve over violence in our world. Heal the injured, comfort those who mourn and strengthen those providing aid. Through our struggle and confusion, empower us to work for justice and peace, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen

Monday, September 25

Blessing of the Animals

Join us this Sunday October 1st in our outdoor chapel area (across parking lot from main entrance) at 9:30 AM.  Family and friends (especially the furry kind) are encouraged to attend.  (This is part of the commemoration of St. Francis of Assisi in churches around the world)  "Well mannered" pets should be on leashes or in cages.  There is plenty of room in chapel area and also on the lawn above to spread out for a short service of thanksgiving followed by individual blessings of pets.  If you have school age children who want to be part of this brief service, you as parents are responsible to get them to their Sunday School classes.  Following the blessing of animals, you are welcome to hang out with one another or take a walk somewhere else.

This is a great opportunity to meet newer people to our faith community or perhaps meet up with long time St. Andrew's folk with some very special members of the family.  Looking forward to Sunday.


Pastor Mueller