Monday, November 1

Happy All Saints Day

Dear Friends,

All Saints Day is one of those holidays that thankfully hasn't been taken over by the card companies (Thank you, Halloween, for keeping them off our back!). Therefore, we can remember the saints in our lives without having to buy presents or decorate the house. We can remember those saints with a moment of prayer, a time of remembrance, a word of thanksgiving, or an act of charity. No fanfare. No poetry. No flowers. Just a word of thanks.
 Take time this day and in the days ahead to give thanks to God for those whose lives have reflected the light of Christ in your life. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving. And reach out to thank those living saints who have touched your heart and changed your life in wonderful ways. 

I want to give thanks for:
  • My parents who pinned me in the church pew Sunday after Sunday even when I did not want to be here
  • My grandmother and other dedicated Sunday School teachers who taught me stories of faith
  • Camp friends who showed me that life was not primarily about "stuff" but relationships and Christian community
  • Friends who encouraged me to wrestle with God's calling in my life
  • My wife and children who have been a constant source of love in my life in the midst of many changes
  • Those who have prayed for our family in times of crisis
  • A mentor who helped me to love Christ's body the church, even when they (and I) at times can seem hard to love.
  • Faithful members of churches I've served, those who came before me and those who have followed, all those who carry the flame of faith in a sometimes darkened world, that we would see Jesus.
  • The People of St. Andrew's Church, sinners and saints one and the same, for helping us to see God's kingdom and remember that we are never alone.
Thank you and a blessed All Saints Day!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at our Pancake Breakfast, this Saturday November 6th between 7AM and 11 AM in St. Andrew's Hall. Proceeds benefit the Eads (Bear Creek Camp Scholarship) Fund. Also, join us for worship next weekend as we give thanks for all of God's faithful people who have gone before us. See you in church!

Pastor Mueller

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