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Important Reminders

Dear Friends,

    I wanted to thank those of you who have been in worship with us over the last couple of weeks.  The Spirit has been busy among us as more hearts are being touched than you will ever know. I have reminders about a few events coming up:
1. Focus on College Funding: a free seminar taking place on January 27th at 9:30 (during Sunday School) in the Jerusalem Room.  This workshop will be led by Mr. John Kochel, our representative from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.  This very practical workshop with free resources is especially important for those of you who have children or grandchildren who are in pre-school, elementary school, or middle school.  Even those of us with high school students who are getting real close to the challenges of paying for college can gain something from this presentation.  If you, family, or friends, are planning to attend, please sign up on the narthex bulletin board near the water fountain or call the church office to let us know that you are planning to attend.

2. "Godspell":  Mark your calendars!  Invite family and friends!  The 2011 Musicale will take place on March 6, 2011  at 3:00 in our worship space.  Over 60 members of the congregation and a five person band have  been preparing for months for this amazing production that is not to be missed.  If you have never seen Godpell, you have never seen the Gospel of Matthew presented this way before.  (If you miss it and hear about it later, you will be very sorry!)  A special word of thanks to some very dedicated servants in this production.

3.  St. A's Retreat at Bear Creek Camp: March 18th-20th

Family and friends are welcome to join us for some time away at our Lutheran Camp in the Poconos.  Bear Creek's location includes

-         Heated cabins (helps in March!)
-         Prepared meals (no cooking, no dishes)
-         Sports pavilion and group challenges
-         Nature center
-         Hills for sledding (if there is any snow left)
-         Many miles of hiking trails ( and Bear Creek campers and leaders attending who know them)
-         Access to Pocono attractions (some less than an hour away)

Cost is $ 70 for those 6th  grade and older and $30 for those 5th grade and younger.  This is a fun and flexible event where small children will be welcome.  You can spend much of the weekend outdoors or enjoy a weekend fireside with board games, cards, ping pong, or a good book.  The weekend will include gatherings for spiritual growth (Saturday morning and evening)  as well as Sunday morning worship designed for all generations. If you are interested in joining us, please help us by putting your name on the sign up sheet in the narthex, or contacting the church office.  If you have questions or concerns, please speak with Pastor Mueller, Janice Stickley, or Susie Conard.  We are looking forward to a great weekend together.

God is good!  All the time!  All the time!  God is good!
See you in church.

Pastor Mueller


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