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Holy Week Is Upon Us

Dear Friends, If you were not able to join us for worship this past Sunday, you missed a truly moving , breathtaking, deeply dramatic presentation of the Passion of our Lord. We want to thank our music director, John Rea, who wrote and produced the play (with some pretty good material from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) as well as all of our choirs for their hours of preparation. Tonight at 7:30 we begin our three day journey from despair to hope, from darkness to light, from death to life. Here is our worship schedule for Holy Week:

Two Outdoor Events

Dear Friends, Thank you to everyone who joined us for worship this past Sunday as we gave thanks to God for shining his light in our darkness and opening our eyes to his grace. We were especially excited to welcome new members among us. Indeed in terms of growth over the past year, we have been truly blessed and we hope that those who have come through our doors, perhaps for the first time in recent months, feel quite blessed as well. We are hoping for good weather for two upcoming events outside on the church property: