Monday, June 20

Reflection on Gathering

Dear Friends,

During 9:30 worship on Sunday, as I looked out at so many of you gathered together, I realized that there is so much to celebrate besides Father's Day (which was celebrated whether the church acknowledged or not) or Holy Trinity Sunday (which is hard to comprehend let alone celebrate!). For as I looked out upon so many faces, I saw:

- People from our 5PM, 8:15 AM , and 11 AM services all gathered in the same room (and some of you sitting in someone else's seat!)
- People who are recovering from battles with cancer, heart conditions, joint replacements, other surgeries, grief, and loneliness
- New families in our building for the first time and babies being welcomed into God's family for the very first time.

From my encounter with all y'all, I have been reminded of some important learnings. First of all, just as we may go to different worship services but are still one church in mission, so we are part of the body of Christ, with many other churches in our community, our nation, and around the world. We have a responsibility to be joined in mission with the broader church and that should be reflected in the way we use our time, talents, and monies in partnership with the church outside of our own four walls. Secondly, even when we don't see people in church for a long time, God is still busy working his healing and redeeming power in their lives. We need to keep those folks in our prayers and give thanks to God for his incredible power in our lives wherever we are. Finally, the future of our mission as a congregation to lift up Jesus in worship, education and service is dependent upon new people in our midst, leaders who we have yet to meet, and ideas for ministry we have yet to imagine. Continue to pray for the people, leadership, and mission of St. Andrew's and churches throughout the world. Keep on worshipping during these summer months as God reveals his redeeming and healing power in your life.

Remember that during the summer months we have one service at 9:30, with lemonade, cookies, conversation, and laughter to follow. I am hoping that this Sunday, some of you could sacrifice a few minutes of your time and some muscle to help move furniture out of our lower level classrooms in preparation for our annual carpet cleaning. As we learned last summer, many hands make light work.

On behalf of the leadership of St. Andrew's, I wish you a happy, safe, relaxing, and truly blessed summer. See you in church!

Pastor Mueller

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