Wednesday, July 6

Opening Eyes of Faith

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1

"To hear is to receive an invisible vibration and give it a frame of reference. To have faith is to receive an invisible vibration and give it a frame of reverence." - Rich Melheim

Dear Friends,

While personal devotional reading can be helpful for spiritual growth, God's Word was given to a community and often works most powerfully in community. When we come together around the Word, we can receive insights we never saw before, discover the meaning of a text in an entirely new way, grasp what a scripture verse might be saying to us personally, and learn new bible passages and stories we have never known or have long since forgotten. At St. Andrew's, there are opportunities to engage the Word in Worship and Adult Education, as Sunday School and Confirmation helpers, and in small groups. A wonderful opportunity for families to embrace the Word in a fun and exciting way begins tonight.
For the next four Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30, we will be gathering both inside and outside the church building for "Miracles." Every Wednesday in July we will look at miraculous stories in the Bible through games, crafts, music, food, and a more interactive approach to Bible storytelling. This event is intergenerational. If you are a parent or grandparent who wants to travel through stations with your child, we will encourage that. If you have older children who want a little space, we can divide groups accordingly. Also, each week and story stands on it's own. You do not need to be here all four weeks if you have work or travel plans. Come join the family of God, for a fun night together.

Finally, we continue to worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 throughout the summer months with refreshments to follow. We could use a few extra hand this Sunday following worship to help move furniture back into classrooms now that our carpet cleaning is complete.

If you are traveling in the weeks ahead, I will be praying for your safe journeys. Also, I will be praying that God will continue to open our eyes of faith wherever we are, that we might see his abundant blessings in our lives, even in the midst of challenges, and give thanks. See you in church!

Pastor Mueller

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