Tuesday, December 27

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

As our family prepares for this weekend's New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations with family and friends, we have much to be thankful for in 2011 and much to look forward to in 2012. You, the people of St. Andrew's have much to do with this. We are truly blessed! And 2011 concluded in wonderful fashion for our faith community. Between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we had well over 600 people in worship, including some new faces and returning ones who we hope to see more of in 2012. A big thanks to all of you who have volunteered so much of your time in this Advent and Christmas season. Also, a huge word of thanks is extended for your financial support. Your incredible generosity has brought more blessings to people in this community than you will ever know.

This weekend, our worship schedule has been designed to accomodate many of your New Year's Celebrations. We will celebrate Holy Communion on New Year's Eve at 5PM before the parties begin and there will be one worship service at 10 AM on New Year's Day giving our regular 8:15 worshippers some time to sleep in and our 11:00 worshippers time to get ready for afternoon company.

On Sunday January 8, we will return to our regular worship schedule with worship at 8:15 and 11AM and Christian Education at 9:30 AM. Our annual congregational meeting will follow our 11:00 worship service that day as well. I make a sad face as I inform you that Christmas decorations will come down next Monday evening at 6:30. Time marches on. While it is not as fun as putting the decorations up, the company is just as good. If you can give us some of your time it would be greatly appreciated.

The month of December was quite a ride for us. Now it's time to follow Jesus through the joys and challenges of 2012. A blessed New Year to all. See you in church!

Pastor Mueller