Tuesday, March 27

Learning from Job

Dear Friends,
    Why does God allow suffering?  In the book of Job, a challenging and disturbing book of wisdom in the Bible (in case you thought from the title that this post was about learning from your employment!), we get a glimpse of how suffering can either destroy us or make us stronger.  It can lead us to despair or to a deeper knowledge of God's love.  Will you curse God when troubles come your way?  Will you question God's wisdom and mysterious will?  Will you let God be God and hang on in faith, wrestling with God but ultimately still trusting that God's ways, God's plans, and especially God's love are greater than our greatest problems.  Such a posture of faith is easier said than done.  We will reflect on this challenge at our midweek service tomorrow night (Wed.) as we examine "Job: When Bad Things Happen To Good People."  Worship begins at 7:30 with dinner in St. Andrew's Hall at 6:30.  Hope many of you will be able to join us.  A word of thanks to everyone who has worked so hard behind the scenes to make these Lenten evenings of food, fellowship, and worship such a blessing to us. 
Holy God,
    I need your wisdom and insight.  Mine isn't enough.  Will you help me please?  Amen.

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