Tuesday, March 20

Still Wandering

Dear Friends,
    Moses received the best education the world had to offer in the court of the Pharaoh, but God took another 40 years in the wilderness to help Moses learn how to lead.  Why is it so difficult to have patience when things aren't going your way or progressing as quickly as you would like them to?  And what might God be up to in the midst of such a long journey?  We will examine these questions and more tomorrow night (Wednesday) at our Midweek Lenten Worship as we explore "Moses: Still Wandering."    Worship begins at 7:30 with dinner downstairs in St. Andrew's Hall at 6:30.
Holy God, don't let me wander far from you.  When I find myself in the wilderness, teach me how to hold on and still believe.  Amen.

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