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Time for Camp

Dear Friends,     Next week I will be serving as chaplain at Bear Creek Camp, our local Lutheran camp in the Pocono Mountains (western area near Wilkes-Barre).  Many of St. Andrew's children and youth were there earlier in the summer, a couple of our young adults serve on summer staff there, and there will be a significant number of St. Andrew's children and youth who will be there next week with me as well.  I have been very fortunate through the years to have the opportunity to serve at Bear Creek as well as a number of other church camps and retreat centers. I always look forward to spending time in the beauty of God's creation leading, teaching, worshiping, learning, playing, and serving outdoors.  In fact, I don't just look forward to this time.  I treasure it and long for it.  And over time, I have really come to appreciate what our church camps do for youth, families, and the whole church. Here are some reasons why: 1. There is a profound