Wednesday, October 17

Opportunities for Growth

Dear Friends,
    There are several learning opportunities coming up in week ahead that I wanted keep on your radar.
- "Promises, Promises" :  This Sunday (downstairs in Jerusalem Room)  at 9:30 AM we will have our final but very important session on the promises of God and the places where God meets us with his grace in our everyday lives.  Far too often, when we talk about salvation, our conversation is reduced to what happens after we die.  However, it is so much more.  Jesus came "that we may have life and have it abundantly"  (John 10:10) and that means here and now.  We will discuss more about how, where, and why.  Even if you have not attended this group before, you are certainly welcome to attend.  Starting October 28, Jack and Jennifer Armstrong will be leading a series on "Women in the Bible."  Men - don't be scared off.  There will be some great teaching including some stories you likely have not heard before (and some of them are pretty rough!).
- "Time MangementKeeping the Juggling Act Going" - I will be facilitating this session in Daniel's Den (office hallway)  this Sundayat 9:30 AM.  Our time together will include some helpful hints and resources from some very influential voices in the world of time management as well as plenty of time for discussion, questions, and free exchange of ideas.  There are still only 24 hours in a day and human cloning experiments have not solved the problem either.  This session is designed to help all of us with multi-tasking, prioritizing, sharing responsibility, and communicating more effectively.  Time is a precious gift from God.  Let us use it more wisely.
- Medicare 101: What is Medicare Part A?  How about Part B?  What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?  What about Medicare Advantage and other plans?  What about prescription drug plans?  These and other medicare mysteries will be unpacked by Mr. John Kochel, a Financial Advisor with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and active member of Augustus Lutheran Church in Trappe.  Informational meetings will be held here at St. Andrew's on Wednesday October 24 at 10 AM and on Wednesday November 7 at 7PM.  No financial products will be offered at this event and there will be plenty of time for your questions and concerns.  If you are interested in attending, please contact John Kochel at 484-945-0100.
    We have had some exciting and challenging weeks of worship and learning this fall.  This weekend will be no exception.  See you in church!
Pastor Mueller

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