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A Blessed Christmas

Dear Savior,   Thank you for coming one holy night so many years ago.  Thank you for meeting us in a manger in love and humbleness.  Thank you for reaching out your hand to fill us with mercy and forgiveness.  Thank you for sending us angels to announce your birth so that there would be no doubt as to your majesty and goodness.   Shine a light in our darkness.  Be born in our hearts today and everyday.  Come Lord Jesus.   Well, if you miss St. Andrew's Christmas pageant this Sunday, you will miss out on something really special.  What a beautiful, fun, and moving way to tell the Christmas story.  We will begin 11:00 Worship with Christmas carols played by an orchestra of our children and youth, as well as some adults who have dusted off their instruments for the occasion. We then will turn to the story of the incarnation with children and youth of all ages playing a role in this central story of our faith.           Our Christmas  pageant is mo

Times When We Need Advent & Christmas

Dear Friends,       By now many of you feel overwhelmed by the tragic events in Newtown CT.  It is not possible to wrap our minds around the grief, sadness, pain, and powerlessness that so many people around Sandy Hill Elementary School must be experiencing.  Events like this also have the power to bring back trauma and grief in our own lives.  Also, those of you who have children, especially younger children cannot help but take this story to heart.     Of course, in the church, we are already focused on Christmas with a cantata tonight, joy filled hymns tomorrow, a Christmas pageant next week, and Christmas Eve celebrations right around the corner.  I will admit that the contrast between our celebrations and what we are seeing on the news right now is a bit  disorienting and disconcerting.  However, we need to be reminded that Jesus was born into a cruel and violent world living under Roman occupation and surrounded by disease and death.  Jesus did not

Exciting weekend ahead

Dear Friends,       Thank you so much for your incredible generosity in this season of giving.  So many individuals and families will be blessed in the weeks ahead because of the incredible ways that you have opened your hearts and hands with the creation of quilts, gingerbread houses, and home baked cookies as well as your donations of food, blankets, clothing, and Christmas gifts for families in need.  It is a great honor and deep privilege to serve among such incredible people. After a weekend with family and preaching at the installation of a dear friend, I look forward to being back with you in worship this weekend as Christmas rapidly approaches.  Coming up -   Saturday Evening Christmas Canata - 5PM Familiar and new Christmas Carols with a string quartet, handbells, flute, organ, percussion, a choir of adults and children, and moving narrations of the Christmas story.  Bring family and friends.  Many people who attended this beautiful event la