Monday, February 18

The Lord is My Shepherd

"Shepherd me, O God, Beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life." - Marty Haugen (ELW # 780) 
Dear Friends,
       This Wednesday night, following our Lenten Dinner at 6:30, we will gather for the first of five Lenten Midweek Services (beginning at 7:30 PM)  This week we are privileged to welcome back Pastor David Stickley to the pulpit.     Pastor Stickley is no stranger to St. Andrew's.  Not only is he the husband of our DCE, Janice, but he also preached and presided here many times during the course of Pastor K's ministry among us.  I look forward to sharing the chancel with him this week as he reflects on what is perhaps the most treasured and well known of the 150 Psalms of the Bible.  Psalm 23, "The Lord is My Shepherd"  has been a source of blessing and hope to millions of people through the centuries, a poignant reminder that even as we walk through the deepest and darkest valleys of our lives, we are never alone. Come join us this Wednesday as we celebrate the goodness and mercy of our Lord.  See you in church!
Pastor Mueller

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