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Do You Believe in Angels?

Dear Friends,   What do you believe about angels?  What have you seen or heard about angels that you do not believe?  Do you believe that angels battle demons as the Bible tells us?  What does it mean in the Creed when we say that we believe in the Creator of all things, seen and unseen?  We will wrestle with these questions and more in our Thursday noontime Bible Study in St. Andrew's Hall (we provide the readings, the conversation starters, and the coffee) and in worship this upcoming weekend.  We hope that many of you will be able to join us.   Please keep in your prayers those whose lives have been devastated by shootings, fires, and floods as well as families who grieve the loss of loved ones.  May they be tended to by God's holy angels and by God's people, the Church.  Peace,   Pastor Mueller

Foggy Parables

Dear Friends,   Sometimes we come across passages in the Bible that seem crystal clear to us.  Parables are generally not such passages.  They are not designed to be.  They really are set up for us to question, imagine, debate, and ultimately discover something important about God’s kingdom.  The Gospel lesson that we will be looking at this weekend in  worship (Luke 16:1-13  you can look it up in your own Bible or by opening up another window right now and going to is probably one of the most unclear parables that Jesus ever told and has confounded scholars for centuries.  So rather than trying to explain this one, I am simply going to give you a few questions to ponder:   1.        Have you or a family member ever been let go from a job or passed over a job that you really wanted?  What was that like? 2.        What did the manager in this parable do when he saw that he was about to be fired? 3.        Why did the manager take this action? 4.        What do you thin

Fall Season Underway

Dear Friends,    As many of of us adjust our schedules with the beginning of a new school year, so St. Andrew's adjusts to the routine of our program year.  This Saturday we return to our regular weekly service of Holy Communion at 5PM.  This service is more intimate and little less formal with more spoken liturgy and monthly appearances by our acoustic group.   Begin to think about family members, friends, and neighbors who could benefit from Saturday worship.  We also return to our regular worship schedule on Sunday mornings as well.   8:15 AM - Traditional Worship:  On this "Kickoff Sunday", this will certainly be the more reflective service of the two as we use our traditional liturgy to praise the living God.  Gospel text for this service is from our assigned lectionary readings: Luke 14:25-33, a really challenging text to understand and even more challenging to preach!     11:00 AM - Kick Off Sunday - "God's Work, Our