Wednesday, October 2

Rekindling the Gift of God

Dear Friends,

As we prepare for noontime Bible Study tomorrow (Thursday) and for worship this weekend, one of our primary biblical texts will be 2 Timothy 1:1-14.  I encourage you to read these verses on your own and think about the people who have been examples of faith for you, people who have been your mentors, or people who have been bearers of the presence of Christ for you in challenging times.  Take time to give thanks to God for these special people and reflect on how and where you may have opportunities to pay it forward as servants and friends in the lives of others.

We not only grow through time with our brothers and sisters in Christ but also through time in Bible Study and prayer.  To that end, I want to recommend to you some excellent on line resources to help you grow in faith.   is an initiative of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN and is a great resource for those who may be unfamiliar with background and content of books of the Bible.  It also provides some enlightening commentaries on key biblical texts.  The content is written from a variety of perspectives to challenge and stretch even those who are familiar with these texts.

I would also like to recommend two sites for daily prayer - and While they are both Catholic sites sponsored by the Jesuits (the order of Pope Francis), they are excellent resources for guided meditation.  You do not have to agree with all of the theology to experience the profound presence of God.

Every now and then, we experience moments in our faith journey when the flame doesn't seem to be burning so brilliantly.  Let us rekindle those flames through those times with God and one another.  See you in church!


Pastor Mueller


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