Wednesday, January 29

Blessed Are You

Dear Friends,

I want to extend a word of thanks for the opportunity to be away with our confirmation students on retreat last weekend.  No, the snow did not change our plans and in fact it made the weekend even more special.  Speaking of special, what an incredible group of junior highs we have, and I mean group in every sense.  Whether they were playing, learning, working, serving, or worshiping, they were almost always together as one group.  We are truly blessed to have this group here and now and I am certainly looking forward to many adventures with them as Senior Highs as well.  Our youth are not just the future of the church but a very important part of our present.

As we prepare for Bible Study tomorrow (Thursday) at noontime and worship this weekend, I wanted to give you a heads up on our assigned Gospel, Matthew 5:1-12, the Beatitudes and the beginning of the most famous sermon ever preached (The Sermon on the Mount).  Here are some questions to consider:

1. Who is the audience of this sermon?  Why is this important?  What difference does it make?
2. Why does Matthew report that the sermon takes place on a mountain?  What significance might this have?  Can you think of other mountain stories in Matthew?  How about in the Old Testament?
3. What is the difference between being blessed and being happy?
4. How do you see yourself as blessed?
5. Ho do let others around you know that they are blessed?

Looking ahead to the weekend:

- A reminder that Scout Troop # 313, an important mission partner of ours, is hosting a breakfast at Chadwick's (across the street from church) this Saturday from 8 - 10 AM.  Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children under 10.

- We have started a new Sunday Adult Education series on World Religions that meets at 9:30 AM in Jerusalem Room (at bottom of stairs near office corridor)

 - If you ordered Hoagies for our youth to assemble, do not forget to pick them up following worship on Sunday.

- Enjoy the game!

See you in church!



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