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Mountaintops and Valleys

Dear Friends,    This upcoming Sunday, churches throughout the world who follow the assigned readings and festivals of the Church Year will be celebrating Transfiguration Sunday, the final Sunday before the Lenten season begins.  On this day, Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up  to a mountaintop to pray.   There they will experience an awesome vision they will never forget.  We need mountaintop experiences of our own, places to pray, and sources of strength for the valleys ahead.  We will also be following Jesus through the valleys during the season of Lent.  Our daily journey with Jesus will take us to:     - quiet places of prayer     - opportunities to feed the hungry     - nights in lonely gardens and angry storms     - the joy and peace of more mountaintop moments     - instructions to care for ourselves and those around us     - reminders that we are never alone but always in the power of the Spirit     - assurance that Jesus meets

Building Closed Tomorrow (Thursday)

"God gives snow like wool, scattering frost like ashes.  God scatters hail like bread crumbs.  Who can stand against God's cold?" - Psalm 147:16 I know I can't!  (at least not for much longer).  As yet another storm bears down on the region, we want to encourage people to stay off of the roads and stay safe.  Therefore, we are planning to close the building tomorrow with hopes that the next time Bible Study, Blanket Tying, and our Choirs meet, the weather will be far more favorable.  Connect with family and friends, check in with neighbors, and if you don't have to work, take time to slow down.  The church is not a building.  It's a people.  And that's a good thing.  Because the building will be closed! Looking forward to being with many of you this weekend. Peace, Pastor Mueller

The Powerless

Dear Friends, As nearly 500,000 Pennsylvanians are without power and, in some cases, heat, please keep in your prayers those who are suffering.  Also, pray for the electrical, shelter, and emergency personnel who are working to restore power and keep them safe.  I have been deeply moved as I have heard of the many ways that you are reaching out to one another, neighbors, co-workers, and friends.  The e-mails, phone calls, and facebook messages continue, making sure that people are warm and safe.  This is what community does in times of need and a great way that we can shine our light (physical light and / or spiritual light!) in the community. Hoping that the snow we get Saturday and Sunday is the pretty kind that covers the ground but not our lives.  Also, look forward to feeling the light and the warmth of the Spirit as we gather together in worship this weekend.  Hopefully, by then we can celebrate power in your homes and, of course, the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives  St