Wednesday, March 12

Voice Recognition

Dear Friends,

With all of the advances in technology, you would think that by now voice recognition would be better than it is.  However, for those of you who have Dragon Naturally Speaking, Siri, or if you have ever tried to use Free 411 Phone Directory, you know that it can still be a nightmare ("I'm sorry, I didn't understand.").  The truth is, when it is not your electronic device, it can be really difficult to communicate and even when it is yours, it takes awhile for the training to be complete.

I sometimes wonder if we have the same problem recognizing God's voice.  The Almighty who sometimes speaks to us in whispered tones and through unexpected places and people is not always easy to recognize.  Throughout history, God has had to find many different ways to get the attention of his people (judges and kings, patriarchs and prophets, and, ultimately, his own Son, the Word made Flesh).  Lent is a season of being more intentionally tuned to God's voice, wisdom, and will for our lives.  During the next two weeks, our midweek services will focus upon the Great Shepherd who knows his sheep and sheep who know the shepherd's voice.  May we hear that voice in our lives, trust, and follow. 

This evening (Wed.), we welcome Pastor K back to the pulpit to share the Word with us. I look forward to seeing many of you tonight (Dinner @ 6:30 & Worship @ 7:30) and in the weeks ahead.  See you in church!


Pastor Mueller

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