Monday, April 28

Farewell to Pastor McMullan

Dear Friends,

For the last year and a half, many of us have been blessed by the services of our Visitation Pastor, the Rev. Christian McMullan.  Pastor McMullan has been a valued colleague of mine for many years and he has been a great assistance to me during his time at St. Andrew's, especially around the Christmas and Easter seasons.  Since Pastor McMullan has been working on his doctorate with the hope of finding a Universtiy teaching position and since his teaching position was a role of adjunct faculty, a position which is not always renewed, we entered into an agreement with Pastor McMullan realizing that this was likely not a long term arrangement.  Since the attached letter was composed, Pastor McMullan now has the opportunity to serve as full time Interim Pastor at St. James Lutheran in Limerick.  We wish him God's rich blessings as he begins this exciting challenge in ministry.

So far as a plan for future visitation is concerned, we have no immediate plan to replace this position.  I will continue to visit in the community with the understanding that our long range plan emphasizes the development of a broad based visitation team which includes members of our Outreach Committee, additional Eucharistic Ministers, the development of a Stephen Ministry (, and the possibility of seeking a part time Parish Nurse.

Please keep Pastor McMullan and his family in your prayers in this time of transition and also keep our Nursery School and their Search Team in your prayers as we continue to interview candidates for the Nursery School Director position. Thanks again to Pastor McMullan and thanks to all of you for your continued faithfulness to our church and community.  If you would like to send a letter or card to Pastor McMullan, feel free to direct it to his new congregation:

St. James Lutheran Church
93 Kugler Road
Limerick, PA 19468

See you in church!


Pastor Mueller