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Life Long Learners - Faith Formation

Thank you, everyone who worked so hard up front and behind the scenes to make our Kick Off Sunday a great day.  Janice, John, Cindy and members of the Hospitality team, Sunday School teachers and helpers, and other willing volunteers - well done good and faithful servants! As we begin a new year of learning for our children and youth, we also what to invite adults to new opportunities to learn as well.  Throughout the year, on Sundays at 9:30, there will be at least two groups engaging in faith formation. During September and October, "Animate - The Bible" will be meeting downstairs in Jerusalem (to the right of stairwell leading down from narthex / lobby past lower lot entrance.  Through video, discussion and group activities, we will be exploring such topics as how the Bible came to be, different kinds of literature in the Bible, differences between Old and New Testaments, differences between Gospels, and how to deal with difficult passages. Upstairs in Daniel'

Fall Season Underway

Dear Friends,  As many of of us adjust our schedules with the beginning of a new school year, so St. Andrew's adjusts to the routine of our program year.  This Saturday we return to our regular weekly service of Holy Communion at 5PM.  This service is more intimate and little less formal with more spoken liturgy and monthly appearances by our acoustic group.   Begin to think about family members, friends, and neighbors who could benefit from Saturday worship.  We also return to our regular worship schedule on Sunday mornings as well. 8:15 AM - Traditional Worship:  On this "Kickoff Sunday", this will certainly be the more reflective service of the two as we use a traditional liturgy to praise the living God.  The Gospel text for this service is from our assigned lectionary readings: Matthew 18:15-20, a  challenging text for our life together. 11:00 AM - Kick Off Sunday :  A simple but celebrative worship gathering, with gui