Monday, February 23

For Everything There is a Season

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." - Ecclesiastes 3:1

There's light and dark, cold and hot, plant and harvest.  The earth's rhythms are self evident.  But the writer of Ecclesiastes talks about seasonality, that is life's seasons. Love and hate, weeping and laughing, mourning and dancing, living and dying.  Over the next five Wednesdays in worship, we will be reflecting on the nature of change in our lives and the seasons of the heart that accompany change.  
By the way, seasons of the heart seem to be no respecter of age.  I meet teenagers who are dour and withdrawn and ninety year olds who are spontaneous and playful. Also, there's little to predict or prevent the change of seasons in our lives.Often there are seasons of unpredictable or unavoidable events that take us to a new place and chapter in our lives.  However, in the midst of such challenges and changes, Christ remains with his presence and promises reminding us that we have what we need for today and the days yet to come.  We hope that you can join us for worship on Wednesday nights during this Lenten season (Worship at 7:30, Dinner in St. Andrew's Hall at 6:30) as we grow in our awareness of God's constant powerful presence in our lives.  See you in church!


Pastor Mueller