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Give the Gift of Life (This Friday)

Just a reminder that American Red Cross will be having a blood drive st St. Andrew's this Friday July 31 from 2 - 7 PM downstairs in St. Andrew's Hall.  You can also make an appointment by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or by signing up online at . You may contact Rod Horton at 610-728-5679 with questions or to get more information. The blood supply tends to be particularly challenging during the summer months.  As you are able, please take some time out of your schedule on Friday to give this precious gift.

A Centering Prayer

"Lord, open unto me Open unto me - light for my darkness Open unto me - courage for my fear Open unto me - hope for my despair Open unto me - peace for my turmoil Open unto me - joy for my sorrow Open unto me - strength for my weakness Open unto me - wisdom for my confession Open unto me - forgiveness for my sins Open unto me - love for my hates Open unto me - thy self for my self Lord, Lord open unto me! Amen" Howard Thurman (1900-1981)

Summer Mid-Week Worship Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Dear Friends, As I return from an exhausting, exciting, and deeply renewing week with our youth in Detroit (National Youth Gathering), I want to thank you for all of your prayers and support.  This was an experience of a lifetime for many of our youth and we are so grateful. I also returned to discover that many of you are away on vacation and many of you have weekend travel plans in the weeks to come.  Enjoy!  As we get into the heart of vacation season and as more of our St. Andrew's community will be away over weekends, we will be offering occasional mid-week services of Holy Communion in our outdoor chapel (and inside if weather conditions are not favorable).  Worship will have a more casual feel outside and will be less than an hour in length (It does get dark!).  Also, these services will not be recycled versions of Sunday worship.  They will have their own simple music, a spoken liturgy and different readings and message from Sunday.  This summer, we wil

Giving Thanks for Freedom

Dear Friends, What a remarkable couple of weeks we have experienced as a nation.  I was not with you in worship with you last Sunday and if I had been there, I'm still not sure what I would have said.  I generally do not use the sermon as a place for political conversation or dialogue on social issues.  I have often said that to do so amounts to a verbal hit and run, a ten to twelve minute message where you have no opportunity to ask questions, respond, or give your own testimony (By the way, adult education, meals, and home visits can provide an opportunity for such dialogue).  That having been said, weaving throughout the current events of these past weeks has been an emphasis on love and God's amazing grace.  So with Independence Day approaching (and likely here or passed by the time some of you read this!), let us give thanks as God's children for: - A nation where we enjoy the kind of freedom that many people in other nations can only dream of and can ba