Thursday, November 5

New Faith Formation Opportunities

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes in preparation for what was a powerful, deeply moving All Saints celebration this past weekend.

As we transition into the month of November, we also want to invite adults to new opportunities for learning.  Throughout the year, on Sundays at 9:30, there will be at least two groups engaging in faith formation. 
Beginning this Sunday, "Famous Christians" will meet downstairs in Jerusalem Room(to the right of stairwell leading down from narthex / lobby past lower lot entrance).  Join this class to learn in the weeks ahead more about brothers and sisters in Christ whose qualities and characteristics had a major impact on the church and the world.  Included among these saints of the church will be Perpetua (one of the first female Christian martyrs), St. Benedict (whose life and ministry had a major impact on religious orders in Christian history), Dietrich Bonhoeffer (a Lutheran pastor, professor, and martyr of World War II Nazi Germany), and Mother Teresa of Calcutta (whose ministry to the poor was known around the world).  

Upstairs in Daniel's Den,(in office wing off narthex / lobby), we will be gathering for "Not A Silent Night," a look at Jesus' life and ministry from the perspective of Mary, Mother of our Lord.  In this book study with video and discussion, we begin our story at the end with Mary at the Crucifixion and Resurrection then travel back in time as she witnesses Jesus' life and ministry.  During the month of December, we end our series at the beginning, with the Christ child born in a manger, a great way to prepare for the Christmas season.

For the next two weeks, an Inquirers Class will be meeting in the narthex.  This small group is designed for those new to the St. Andrew's community, those considering church membership, or just folks who want to know more about St. Andrew's or Lutheran Christianity.  Think about family members, friends, or neighbors who might benefit from this opportunity.

These gatherings are designed so that you can drop in any week and not feel like you are "in the middle of the movie."  So grab a cup of coffee and join us as together we are enriched in faith.