Saturday, January 23

Digging Out

Hope everyone is safe and are digging their way back to normal.  We got home safely from our youth retreat at Camp Men-O Lan outside of Trumbauersville.  What an incredible weekend for everyone involved.  Here are just a few comments from our adult leaders and parents:

"Spent a wonderful snowed-in weekend with my daughter's confirmation class. We are truly blessed with such great kids! We had a great time playing, trusting, sharing, hoping, praying, communicating and appreciating God's gifts."

"We are truly blessed with awesome kids, every single one. They really enjoyed their encounter wink emoticonwith each other!"

"It was a great experience for both confirmation students and adults as well.  It is also great to see how cooperative the group is and how well they work together.  The sessions experienced were well planned with every one participating.  We had a lot of fun playing team games and joining together in sharing lessons on Jesus's teaching.  And then there was the snow!  There was a LOT!  Everyone ventured outside and enjoyed a short walk, made angels, and tossed snowballs. Saturday evening we gathered together for our worship experience. The presence of God was surely there!  The room looked beautiful in candle light and the outside lights on the building shining through the windows created a snow background also showed the formation of beautiful ice crystals on the windows which only God can create.  We sang songs, had readings, shared peace with each other and we also shared in a communion meal together.  It was a very moving service.  The weekend was one that all who experienced it will never forget.
Our thanks to all who joined in to making this retreat a memorable experience for all."

Many thanks to our Director of Christian Education, Janice Stickley, our chief cooks and bottle washers, Ed and Betty Jane Green, and everyone who worked so hard in preparing for this amazing weekend.  Our Youth are a treasure and signs that the Christ's Church is alive and well.  Thanks be to God!


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