Thursday, February 11

Tests and Trials

Dear Friends,

This Sunday our Lenten journey takes us out into the wilderness where Jesus is tested to the very core of his humanity.  The wilderness and all of its challenges can take many forms in our lives.

There is the wilderness of culture tempting us to be unsatisfied with our looks, our possessions, our relationships, and ultimately ourselves.  There is the wilderness of the workplace challenging us with deadlines, difficult people, and far too many hours away from family and friends.  There is the wilderness of relationships as we struggle with loneliness and try to find someone to fill that void or dare to wonder if there really is a partner for life.

There are other tests and trials that come from bullies at school, small children, aging parents, or just sheer busyness that keeps us from reflecting on what is truly worthwhile in our lives.  What is drawing you away from what you know gives life?  Is it worth it?

As we gather here at St. Andrew's, whether it is on Wednesday evenings, Saturday evenings, or Sunday mornings, we are reminded that we are not alone in these struggles, that we have far more in common in the wilderness of our lives than we sometimes think or imagine, that there is a Savior who can identify with us in our struggles, that the grace of God is far greater than we can comprehend, and that we have the strength we need for the difficult decisions and challenges of the journey ahead.

In what should be a very cold weekend, come join us and share in the warmth of the Spirit and the power of God's Word in our lives.  May God bless you in the midst of the wilderness, may God be with you as you face very real temptations, and may you grow to trust God who will not abandon you but holds you in his arms even unto death, even unto new life.  See you in church!


Pastor Mueller

(Spread the word to family and friends.  On this Valentine's Day weekend, we will have affirmation of marriage following all three services  (will take place a few minutes after congregation has dispersed)


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