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Adult Education in the Season of Easter

Dear Friends, Many thanks to all of you who volunteered so much of your time, resources, prayer, and love during Lent, Holy Week and a powerful Easter celebration.  Also, a huge word of thanks is extended for your financial support throughout the year and especially over these past couple of weeks where we experienced overwhelming generosity  The way you have opened your hands, your hearts,and  your voices has brought more blessings to people in this community and abroad than you will ever know.  This Sunday the Easter season continues. Also this Sunday we begin new exciting adult education gatherings at 9:30 AM: Romans - Paul's Masterpiece  (meeting downstairs in Jerusalem Room) Explore Paul's letter to the Romans, this incredible writing of Christian doctrine and practical instruction.  Whether you are familiar with this letter or are reading it for the very first time, this is a great opportunity to grow in faith. Meeting upstairs in Daniel's

An Easter Prayer

Holy and Living God, You continue to confound  our expectations and surprise us with your redeeming power in our lives.  Come among us, risen Lord.  Reveal yourself to us that we may know with confidence that nothing in all creation, not even death, can separate us from your love.  In Jesus' name.  Amen . A word of thanks to all of you who offered your hearts and hands and voices to a deeply moving Holy Week and a joy filled celebration of the Resurrection.  It was exciting to see yet again an increase in attendance at special services throughout Lent and Holy Week this year, especially among those who are newer to our faith community. Many hearts were touched and lives were lifted up through the celebrations of this past week. We are truly blessed. Continue to pray for those who were unable to be with us on Sunday, the sick, the struggling, the hospitalized, the homebound, and the dying.  Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ arou

Christ is Risen!

  Easter Vigil – Liturgy of Light, Word, Baptismal Remembrance, and Holy Communion at 5:00 PM In this historic, deeply symbolic service, we are reminded of the great acts of God from Creation to Exodus to Resurrection.  God's saving grace is proclaimed, then light fills the church as that grace fills us.  Come and experience profound readings, wonderful music, and a first glimpse of the resurrection. Easter Sunday – 8:15 and 11:00 AM: With word and sacrament, prayer and song, choirs, bells, and brass, we rejoice at the empty tomb. Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!              


Dear Friends, Tomorrow evening at 7:30, (with dinner at 6:30 downstairs in St. Andrew's Hall) we will gather for a simple midweek service of Holy Communion.  As we gather around word and sacrament, prayer and song, we will also be taking a deeper look at the faith of Moses. Now to set the table, remember that God interrupts Moses' relatively peaceful life with a call to go back to Egypt to confront Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of slavery.  And Moses' response is, "Really!  Who am I?  Why me?"  That question "Why?" when it applies to our lives can be problematic because not every "Why?" question has an easy answer.   - When dreams for a job, our family, or retirement don't unfold as we hoped or planned - When someone we love gets really sick or dies - When we bear the brunt of a conflict at work, at home, or at church - When violence or natural disaster claims innocent lives The question of why bad things