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A Blessed 2017

New Year's Eve / New Year's Day Services of Holy Communion at 5 PM on New Year's Eve and 10 AM on New Year's Day to accommodate holiday plans and celebrations.  Begin the New Year in praise and prayer! Our regular Sunday worship schedule resumes on January 8  (Baptism of Our Lord) with worship at 8:15 and 11 AM, Christian Education at 9:30 AM.  

Journey in the Wilderness

Dear Friends, Each year in the Advent season, our assigned Sunday readings lead us to John the Baptist in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord.  Wilderness journeys are significant in scripture including Elijah on the run,  the ministry of John the Baptist, Israel wandering for 40 years, and Jesus' temptation.   The wilderness is a place of searching, the arena for answers about life, fulfillment, salvation, and prophecy.  The wilderness is a place that challenges us out of our comfort zones to learn more about who we are, who God is, what God's will is for us and the community around us, and what God has prepared for the next season of our lives.    If you are one of those people who feels like you are in the wilderness in this Advent / Christmas season, you are not alone.  Many have journeyed through this season in times of grief, doubt and confusion,  many have experienced tremendous growth through this difficult  pilgrimage, and many have gone on to b