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Grounded In Faith, Growing In Service

At our May Congregational Meeting, we were given approval to proceed with our plan for renovations and expansions to our building or, as I sometimes call it, our mission center. I realize that this is not typically how people refer to "church" but this term makes it clear that this isn't just a place where we come for worship or a class or a meeting but it is a center for communities to gather, for hearts to be touched, for people to be strengthened to go out to pursue their mission in the world, to use their gifts to be a blessing to others, and to see Christ in their everyday lives. For more information, go to Please pray for the people and mission of St. Andrew's as we journey into this exciting time together. Virus-free.

Lutheran Disaster Response - Southeast Texas

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of the United States on Aug. 25, 2017, threatening millions of people with multiple days of heavy rain, winds and rising tides. While many have evacuated, significant damage is still expected, and thousands of people may be housed in shelters for an extended period of time.   Lutheran Disaster Response's affiliate is actively present, collaborating with community leaders and officials to initiate the proper responses, particularly the long-term recovery efforts. Together, we have a strong history of working with disasters in the Gulf Coast area. The road to recovery will be long, and Lutheran Disaster Response will be there to accompany those affected through every phase of this disaster.   We invite you to stand by our neighbors on the Gulf Coast during this time. Your gifts ensure that our church will be able to provide help and hope for those left homeless or otherwise affected by this disaster for years to come.   Gifts to Lutheran Disa

Missing the Point

Dear Friends, Sometimes I feel like when we read sensational stories in the Bible, the sensational details result in us missing the point entirely.  We focus on "How did he fit all the animals on the ark?" (And how did he clean up all the poop?") as opposed to "Isn't it amazing that in a world where everyone assumed the gods were always angry, this ancient story is about a God who promises to never destroy the earth again (and never has)?  We focus on "Why would God command Abraham to sacrifice his child?"  as opposed to, "In a barbaric world, where people felt like they needed to sacrifice a child to appease the gods, (Notice in the story that Abraham doesn't seem to need instructions as to how to do it!) what does it mean that God tells Abraham and his people to knock it off?  We focus on "How did Jonah survive in a whale?"  or "Was Jonah really in a whale?""  as opposed to "What would it have meant for