Monday, September 3

Sunday Worship @ 9:30 for one more week

September 8th & 9th
Kick-Off Weekend
Fall Worship Schedule Begins

Weekly Saturday Worship at 5:00 pm.

We return to our weekly service of Holy
Communion for the upcoming program year.
This service is more intimate and a little less
formal with more spoken liturgy and monthly
appearances by our acoustic group, Soulful
Strings. We always look forward to Saturdays
when they lead us in worship. Holy Communion
is always offered on Saturday nights. As we
begin a new program year together, begin to
think about family members, friends, co-workers,
and neighbors who could benefit from Saturday
worship, especially those who have work or
sports on Sunday and need a Sabbath with the
Word. Also, think about those who may have
medical issues that make mornings difficult or
those who are returning to the church and
looking for something different. Growth
opportunities abound.

9:30a.m. ~ Kick-Off Sunday
"God's Love Is Constant"
A simple but celebrative worship gathering,
including songs with our Sunday School
children and times of blessing for our children
and teachers as we start a new year of mission
together. Please make every effort to be with us
this day as we will set the tone for much that
awaits us in an exciting year ahead. Following
worship the young and the young at heart are
invited to join us for soft pretzels and water ice!
Come join us as we reconnect at the end of
summer and rejoice in God's abundant gifts in
our lives.

8:15 & 11 AM Worship resumes September 16th