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Advent Family Night Sign Up & Thanksgiving Greetings - Please Respond

Our Annual Advent Family Night is scheduled for Sunday December 1  from 4-7 PM downstairs in St. Andrew's Hall.  Invite family and friends to join us for this fun event for all ages around Christmas crafts and ornaments of your choosing (Many simple - all make and take), food, laughter, and Christmas joy.  If you have not yet responded or signed up, please respond to this e-mail, sign up in the church narthex,  or contact the church office to let us know you are attending.  The easiest way for planners to get your information quickly is by signing up through the Sign Up Genius link here and carefully follow the instructions:      As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving Day I want to wish you a truly blessed celebration.  Many of you will be gathering with loved ones and, while likely eating way too much food (Enjoy!),  offering thanks for God's abundant blessings.  May your joy be full

Changing Seasons

Dear Friends, As we gradually put things away from our 60th Anniversary Celebration, we are reminded on a number of levels how all things come to an end, seasons change, and new focuses emerge.  The vibrant green leaves that filled our summer changed to beautiful fall colors and are now giving way to the rustling dead leaves of fall (which many of you will be raking this Sunday.  Thanks in advance!)  Soon the bare trees of winter will be all that greet us.  But I will not soon forget the beauty of those fall leaves and I will even appreciate the bareness of the trees as they reveal new views as well as bright blue skies and snow crystals on branches and on the ground.   Our lives move through seasons just as our life as a congregation moves through seasons.  Some are long and joyful.  Some are short and hurtful.  Others are there to prepare us for what is yet to come.  Some seasons stagnate, some grow, and some rest.  But all are part of life in the body, both as individu